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LEON DEPOLAS Securities SA was established in 1991 by Mr. Leon Depolas who started his activity in the Greek capital market in 1985.

Mr. Leon Depolas served as President and CEO of the company from 4/2/1991 until 29/5/2015. He has also served on the Board of the Athens Stock Exchange for several years and was elected on the Board of Athens Brokers Association since its foundation until 1996. With his participation in various capital experts committees throughout the period of the last 20 years he contributed to the modernization and development of Athens Stock Exchange and Greek Capital markets.

Currently, as of 29.05.2015 Mr. Pavlos Depolas serves as President and CEO of the company. He previously held the positions of Head of Trading and Vice President of the Company with over 15 years of experience in capital markets.


The Company operates as a limited Brokerage Company since 1991 and is an official member of Athens Stock Exchange and Athens Derivatives Exchange, with the core activity of equities trading, margin accounts and derivatives trading. The company is also active in international equities and derivatives trading. Following methodically the trends and evolutions in capital markets LEON DEPOLAS Securities SA expanded last year its operations in the fields of Portfolio Management (Discretionary Management and Advisory Services) for private and institutional clients and Market Making for companies listed in Athens Stock Exchange.

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