Leon Depolas Securities S.A.
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The extensive needs of “smart” money and the existing complicated environment of capital markets require careful selection of a brokerage firm. LEON DEPOLAS Securities SA with a continuous presence in the Greek capital market over the last 25 years and a capital equity base of more than 5.000.000 €, can guarantee a relationship of trust and reliable partnership to help clients manage and invest their funds efficiently and with highly competitive charges.

Our primary objective in LEON DEPOLAS Securities SA is to provide tailor made solutions and services to our customers, a goal that has been achieved over the years through in deep personal contact and direct communication with our clients. Continuous investments in technological infrastructure along with constant personnel training procedures enhance the ability to provide top class customer services.

In today’s tricky and variable economic environment, the ability to gain accurate and up to date information is the basic element for successful investment decisions. LEON DEPOLAS Securities SA provides customers with all available data and appropriate tools to evaluate and take the optimum decisions for their investments.

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